The Cast

The unfortunate four have woken up in a world full of conflict and danger. So little is currently known about these characters, but we -can- lean about the players!

The Eladrin Rogue

“Thorn” is played by Ink – Ink is a non-binary and Korean student, artist, and resident tabletop fanatic who has been rolling dice since 2014. Their work and play is geared toward inclusivity and fantasy for all. Current projects of theirs include a D&D 5e supplement, a guide to inclusive action at the table, and this wonderful podcast. You can find them on Twitter at @TheseDeadPens, Twitch at the same username, and anywhere there is bigotry to be destroyed.

the Half-Elf Paladin

“Hazel” the Half-Elf Paladin is played by Sage @staffofsage on twitter. Sage Stafford has been a renaissance nerd for many years. Their interests expand from philosophy to physics to Magic: The Gathering to board games and tabletop roleplaying games. Sage vehemently advocates for social equality so that everyone has the opportunity to be a nerd in their own way ^_^

You can find Sage also on The Venture Maidens podcast every other week!

“D.M.” or “Death Machine”
the Warforged Cleric

“D.M.” or “Death Machine” the Warforged Cleric played by Paul. You can find Paul on Twitter @paul_harpring You can also find Paul on the Venture Maidens podcast as the opening narrator!

the Wood Elf (REDACTED)

“Crow” the Wood Elf is played by Eva. You can find Eva on Twitter @evaodveig. Make sure to check out Eva’s immensely successful Hidden Oddities: A Witch’s Primer – a brand new class for D&D 5E

the Game Master

The rest of the world is played by Matt, the Game Master. Matt has been running D&D off and on for somewhere around 10 to 15 years depending on who you ask and couldn’t be happier to share this experience with you. You can find Matt on Twitter @kintarotpc and on instagram @mwoodyardphotos

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